Order Cancellations
Orders canceled before shipment may be subject to a restocking fee of 15 - 35% of order total.
Orders can not be returned for refund, exchange, or credit because the wrong product was ordered.

MercuryRelay.com Warranty : Any warranty or guarantee's are only those expressed by the manufacturer - Mercury Displacement Industries Inc, or MDI.. See Below

MercuryRelays.com, Spradlin Services Company, Ownership / Employee's of Spradlin Services Company makes no warranty, guarantee, or promise as to a products fitness for any application or use. MercuryRelays.com, Spradlin Services Company, Ownership / Employee's of Spradlin Services accepts no liability or responsibility for loss of production, property damage, personal injury, death, damage to any product or equipment arising out of use of product(s) provided at any time. By making a purchase the customer understands their sole remedy in any disagreement or civil action is the replacement of purchased item.

Manufacturers Warranty 
Mercury Displacement Industries, Inc. (MDI) warranties its products to be free from defects in our materials or workmanship for one year, and will replace any units with such defects. Warranty is void if units are improperly applied. Mercury Displacement Industries, Inc. shall not be liable for special or consequential damages.

In case of a mercury spill, make no direct contact with the material. Always use protective gloves. Place collected mercury in a sealed plastic container and return to manufacturer.
Call 440-942-3984 for return instructions. MSDS of Mercury and helpful links.

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